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Complex Play Dates  - Field Availability 
This Page Will Only work for Eastern Conference Venues
Note: Two new features have been added:
1. You can now pick a date range without selecting a Complex. This allows you to view all complexes on a given date.
2. A check box, with the word "and", next to it, has been added to the right of the Game Date range filters. By checking the box you can will be able to filter for to different date rather than a range of dates.
? Help To search for available fields is pretty straight forward...Just select a complex and click the go button.
  • ⚽ Not entering a date will show field grids for all future "Game Dates" at the selected Complex.
  • ⚽ Entering a date in the "From Date" text box will automatically generate the same date in the "To Date" text box which can be changed to any future date required.
  • ⚽ Field Grids will be displayed for weekend games ONLY.
  • ⚽ Field cells that have the word "Game" in them will display the game information when you cursor over the cell.

  • NOTE: Although you can enter any date you wish the search result will only be for dates equal to the current date and after.
    Complex Name Conference
    Game Date Range to
    ClubTry this...Select a club and wherever that club has a team playing it will be highlited in green.
    "NA =" Open =  Closed =  Games = 
    of 0Go
    Click on Game to see who's playing.